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Design à la

Caught between past and present – Historically inspired tiles for stylish interiors

For some years, now, the so-called ‘retro’ style, which lends contemporary settings the charm of days gone by, has been very popular. People seek things that tell a story. Whether they confidently display signs of wear or have been carefully restored is purely a matter of taste.

Modern retro design draws on the past and reinterprets historical décors, motifs and finishes. Villeroy & Boch Fliesen, for instance, has sought inspiration in its own history and prepared historical ceramics in a contemporary way. The result: exclusive tile ranges that feature the unmistakable signature of the long-established company: with high-quality design à la Villeroy & Boch.

CENTURY UNLIMITED – An irresistible blend of old and new

STATEROOM – Patina with traces of days gone by

LA DIVA – Multicultural craftsmanship with precious details

CHÉRIE – Charming nostalgia with a modern touch