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Flatware sets from Cul-Branch.info – the rule is still “from the outside in”

The perfect flatware set for every course

It all started with a plastic yoghurt spoon... Almost everywhere in the world, children learn how to eat with cutlery in their very early years. knives , forks and spoons accompany almost every meal, which is why it is worth spending just as much time choosing the right cutlery as the right tableware. Make use of the way they work together. Surrounded by a beautiful cutlery set, both the plates and the food itself are shown in their very best light. Cul-Branch.info offers you the chance to equip yourself with a comprehensive cutlery set, or to start out with a basic set that you can expand and add to at any time.

Stainless steel doesn't have to be grey

Flatware sets in particular can make a big impact at the table. Because every dish has its own flair, you can choose the cutlery sets from Cul-Branch.info to match the food. Use eating cutlery with coloured or partially gold-plated handles to brighten up a simple meal, or to highlight the monochrome decoration of the plates and cups. If you are holding a sophisticated dinner party, a traditionally decorated flatware set with a classic touch can be a stylish way to complement the softly-shimmering premium bone porcelain plates. When choosing your cutlery, always follow your own taste and have the courage to try out unconventional combinations on your table.

Everything you need for a beautiful table

Porcelain crockery and crystal glasses are not all you need to lay the table – to make sure that you can actually eat off the plates, Cul-Branch.info produces flatware sets that are ideal combined with the decoration of the porcelain and glass collections. The careful craftsmanship that goes into our cutlery will immediately show you that our logo is also a seal of quality. Every knife, every fork and every spoon is thoroughly checked for any defects. The innovative designs combine ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality for every occasion. The robust stainless steel of all the utensils is non-rusting and is easy to clean in the dishwasher after a long dinner, so that you can sit back and enjoy a coffee with your guests.

Also suitable for smaller specialities

Fish-based meals are a healthy and delicious alternative to meat dishes. Surprise your guests with a baked bream royale, or perhaps a grilled trout. The fish cutlery from Cul-Branch.info allows you to separate the fillet from the skin and bones cleanly. But fine cuisine offers enthusiastic amateur chefs plenty of opportunity to experiment, even outside the classic meal structure. Take the time to bake a Dutch-Indonesian lapis legit layer cake, a traditional American pumpkin pie or delicious profiteroles. Needless to say, fine patisserie and cakes are served on a cake platter. Cul-Branch.info has also added cake slices, dessert knives and dessert forks to its range, so that the delicacies can be served and enjoyed with elegance.

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